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Make sure your pool tradesman is certified!

Are your pool tradesmen registered with the Pool Trades Group?

Only Experienced Tradies know that good customer service starts by joining the Pool Trades Group. 

Opening November 27 2022

Some people try to take advantage of the pool industry and jump in as a trades person when they don't know much about swimming pools at all! They do this because they know there isn't many qualifications involved in order to work with swimming pools and typically they sometimes work as a labourer for a few months and run out on their own thinking they can make some quick money, often causing a lot of damage along the way.

Pool Trades Group has been created to filter out as many inexperienced pool tradesmen as possible.

Our Purpose

Pool Trades Group is dedicated to improving the standard of service provided by tradesmen within the swimming pool and spa industry by recognising their skill set based on their experience within the pool industry for the purposes of providing a better service to consumers, builders and the pool industry in general.

The swimming pool industry has many talented & experienced trades people that have been applying their trades for many years, like in other fields of expertise there is a small number of people that might take a up a job as a labourer and then in as little as a few months begin to claim to be experienced go out on their own in order to get work that should be left to experienced trades people.

When this happens, it can leave many customers in a worse & costly position than had they had contacted trusted professionals from the beginning.

Check this link 


Check this link

Pool Builder Scams article

How do you know?

  • Look at the quote

Inexperienced tradies may not know what to quote, compare your quotes, do they cover the details? If not, there may be a chance their work is not as detailed as you may need them to be.

  • Trust your instinct

Sometimes we get a good vibe with people, if the tradie isn’t confident in their presentation of the scope of work that you are requesting of them then they may not be the right one.

Always remember, the cheapest quote isn’t always the honest quote.

  • Check our tradie list

If your tradie is on our list, great! Then you know they have done our experience check prior to joining, if you don’t see your trades person listed, it’s ok, the Pool Trade Group is a growing network, ask them if they have ever applied, ask them to register before starting the job or let them know if you would feel more comfortable if they qualified to be a part of the pool trades group.

Some of the requirements we check

  • Valid ABN/ACN
  • Customer references.
  • Supplier references.
  • Trade references.
  • Photo proof of jobs.
  • Past employer references.

Owner builder advantage

For many owner builders, finding the right tradesmen can be difficult, where do you begin?

Pool Trades Group has a list of tradesmen ranging from Steel fixers, Pool Plumbers, Pool Concreters through to Pool Tilers & Landscapers that work with & around swimming pools.

Has your swimming pool tradie qualified with the Pool Trades Group?

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To be a part of the Pool Trades Group, All businesses must provide of evidence of having a minimum of 5 years experience.

Pool Trades Group is dedicated to connecting swimming pool owners with experienced swimming pool tradesmen.

Is your swimming pool tradie qualified to be a Pool Trades Group Member? Check if they carry our Logo & Membership card.